Rise of The Northstar



Who are they?

In the 90s in Shibuya District, Tokyo, Japan, coins were dropped and stuck to arcade game consoles, the lights of pinball machines and the lively Tokyo area brought music inspiration and visual worlds to a bunch of guys who grew up on Shonen Manga.

These five band members have witnessed the golden age, the birth of American hip-hop music and the global expansion, the powerful grooved metal of MACHINE HEAD and PANTERA, New York Hardcore and RATM, KORN, or the resonance of helpful but uncompromising. DEFTONES. 

Rise of The Northstar is the fusion of these two worlds: hope spread through classic 80s comic characters such as Kenshiro, Seiya or Kawato, and messages of bravery and revenge are delivered to the audience through deadly whipping and destructive words.


Why do we care?

Interior design and decoration is art. This is why we, here at Decorator Shop, have created this page in our journey of support artists.

We understand the difficulty of creating art – a decoration project would be almost as difficult if you didn’t have access to all the resources from Decorator Blog.


A bit of their history

Since making 4 music videos (getting tens of millions of views on YouTube), 2 critically acclaimed EPs (including "DMSS" ranked third in the Amazon rankings) and numerous underground shows , ROTN continued to produce its first record and established its own record company Repression Records to support the project. 

It was after carrying out a comprehensive DIY activity that they released the album and entered the metal mainstream market after successfully holding a summer music festival tour. In 2014, the largest metal record company Nuclear Blast noticed the band and gives them a global license agreement.

From the first European tour with MADBALL in 2015 to support their first record, until the main stage performance of the Download Festival in 2017, the "Welcame" cycle will take the band to Europe's largest stage and the Far East through two tours, including Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Indonesia.

2017: Relying on the hard work and experience gained on the battlefield, Northstar retreated to write a new album, still full of youthful anger, still addicted to the metal and hip-hop style of the 90s.

Rise Of The Northstar’s second album "Legacy Of Shi" was set to be released on October 19, 2018.

The writing process was held for most of 2017 and the whole session made the band think about how to promote the development of its concept in music, lyricism and vision. Enter Joe Duplantier (GOJIRA) to record and co-produce this album in his Silver Cord Studio in Brooklyn, New York. The result is a jaw-dropping collection of songs, the band’s own brewed metallic hip-hop and hardcore grooves ("Here Comes The Boom", "This Is Crossover", "Nekketsu") and darker, low-key heaviness ("Kozo", "Cold Truth", "Teenage Rage") are all brought to the audience by Joe's rich organic works. Among the carefully scattered gems in this record, what comes to mind is the occasional Vithia native French, which is another interesting element of the singularity of ROTN.

Although the record is loyal to the foundation of the band, it allows listeners to experience real-life situations lyrically portrayed in fictional works inspired by Japanese culture, but it tells how to overcome personal drama ("step by step") and tells the story of the central character SHI. In repertoires such as "Awakening", "Korzo" and "For All", people follow the story of a century of samurai epic, from his awakening to the evolution of his spirit as a human host. 

When trying to overcome our limits in order to realize our full potential, the question of who will win the struggle that we lead.

Combining several different types of elements and creating something new and interesting is what art is meant to be.

As we combine materials and colours to get the best decorative solutions, Rise Of The Northstar combines elements that inspired them and create mind blowing music.

You can read their full history on their dedicated Wikipedia page.

If you want to support the artists as well, you can check the Rise Of The Northstar merch store

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